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We know that many people are happy with their site, but now that it is online, how can you make it better?

We can make your site work more efficiently, gain a better search engine position and even market your site online for you. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

search engine optimisation

search engine optimisationWe work hard when we create sites to make sure that they are optimised to a high standard in order to avoid having to go back and improve it at a later date. We then monitor it and let our clients know if we can improve things based on how the search terms are altering. BUT, some companies don't pay as much attention to detail as we do. If you have a site and it's not performing well on search terms, we can help you climb the results.

We employ white hat techniques in order to make sure that we aren't falling foul of any rules that the search engines put in place - no-one knows exactly what they are, but things change from time to time and we aim to avoid sites from falling by the wayside.

One thing that we should let you know is that we don't guarantee you a first page listing - that is just plain barmy as we aim to keep you high on the results at all times - not just on Google, but on the other search engines too.

You can find out more about our search engine optimisation services.

Want more detail? Have a read about how we can make your experience of getting a website online a pleasent one. Alternatively get in touch to discuss your needs.

online marketing

site marketingOK, you've got a site. You're online. Great! Who's coming? Want more visitors?

Thought so - with the web it's always a case of the more the merrier. Even if they don't contact you or buy from you then you still need to make an impression, it means that they are then aware of you and your services. The biggest stumbling block is getting the users to the site in the first place; you can have the best website that has ever been developed, but without anyone knowing about it then it will just sit there, doing absolutely nothing - except costing you money to run it. We use all of the marketing know-how we've learnt over the years to help promote your site in an efficent way. This includes SEO, listing you with search engines and advertising online via keywords and banner adverts. Whatever your budget we can help out.

Let us explain in a little more detail how we can advertise your site, or if you'd prefer to have a chat to see how we can help you out then give us a call.

page load times

page load time optimisationThe speed your page load at has a significant bearing on whether the user hangs around to view it or not. Research by net specialists Nielsen suggest that if there is no content visible within a few seconds then the user will become tired of waiting and either refresh the page exasterbating the issue, hit the back button or will leave your site completely. All the online advancements have got a lot to answer for, it's as though it's turned us into a world of impatient click happy fiends!

We are raging a war on slow loading pages and we want to help tackle yours!

We want to make the web a faster place to use and an easier place to do business. We only use servers which will load pages quickly. We only use coding techniques which will speed up the display of a page. We use as few calls to the server as possible so that the pages load faster. We use compression techniques. We don't use flash - as that hogs the user's resources on their machine and can make it feel like things are running slowly. As you can see - we want the best for our clients and we want to help you!

Have a read on what exactly we can do for you on our page load times page. If you like what you see, find out how we can help by getting in touch.