search engine optimisation

the dark art of search engine ranking

what is 'seo'?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It's what you need to do to your site to get a better ranking on search engine sites such as Google and Bing (there's too many to list them all here!). The higher up the rankings your site is the more likelu users are to find your site. We don't shout too loudly about our SEO services as to compete with companies 'guarenteeing' a first page in Google ranking is crazy. Believe it or not, there are other search engines beyond Google and by ranking highly on Google doesn't mean that you will rank highly elsewhere. Also we prefer to use 'white hat' techniques which means that it will take a little longer to do, but you are less likely to be penalised in the longer term.

Lots of companies offer quick fix solutions, but we prefer to be your search engine optimisation provider for the long term and we'll make sure that we do everything to promote your site ranking as possible.

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